Friday, April 16, 2010

free countersCancel Parole Boards 17
James Bredin
If you meet a released pedophile or cop killer on the street,
They're released by the parole board so remember to be discreet,
This may be difficult so you will have to use some self control,
The law is very much on their side in their released prisoner role.

In fact they probably have many more Charter Rights than you,
Though Ottawa politicians would deny that this is true,
So watch your back because Ottawa is not on your side,
Why else would they release cop killers and pardon pedophiles?

Other prisoners saw this and of course, they too want to be free,
And their prison records are secret and can't be read by you or me,
There are other thousands of prisoners just waiting to be released,
No one gets punished any more like pompous pedophile priests.
April 16th, 2010