Sunday, April 18, 2010

free countersCancel Parole Boards 19
James Bredin

Suppose the pardoned pedophile wants a job at the day care,
And of course the nice people there are completely unaware,
Or a pedophile priest wants a position on the parole board,
I get the impression that ideas like this are ignored.

Or the recently released cop killer wants to purchase a gun,
Declares that he needs it to hunt deer and maybe have some fun,
Could there be flaws in the parole system that need to be fixed?
Is this idea forbidden heresy too about a convict?

And the secret jail records of offenders that can't be seen,
As they go to the parole board yearly claiming they are clean,
Criminals' right to privacy outweighs the public right to know,
In ongoing parole board hearings costing us lots of our dough.
April 18th, 2010