Saturday, April 17, 2010

free countersCancel Parole Boards 18
James Bredin

If the parole boards decide to let many more prisoners free,
And there's nothing we can do as they throw away the key,
Murderers, cop killers, pedophiles -- it doesn't matter to them,
Their righteous independent decisions cannot be condemned.

Transparent government is what politicians try to avoid,
Access to prisoner information is denied and they act annoyed,
The dilemma of giving pardons to pedophiles should be stopped,
Decisions to release brutal cop killers should be chopped.

We have to get back on track or we're going down the drain,
Though left-wing politicians don't seem to notice our severe pain,
Where's the politician to stand up and shout every detail?
Will the gruesome parole board decisions continue to prevail?
Apr 17th, 2010