Saturday, June 29, 2013

IS THERE A GOD ... JUNE 29TH, 2013

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IS THERE A GOD? … June 29th, 2013


James Bredin

Which religion is right; as we listen to the pompous talk?

And could the athiests be right and  should we join their flock?

Because nobody really knows for sure despite all the prayers.

Despite the colorful vestments, bells and musical affairs.

Hundreds of wars have been fought about religions here and there,

Many religious holocausts make for historical nightmares,

Laws and rules are written even now, with holy overtones,

You can hear it all on your TV or even your I phones.

And there must be a god because that is what you were taught,

You were not given an option or even ever asked what you thought?

In certain countries even today you can die if you don’t believe,

Not just any religion, but their religion and they wouldn’t deceive.

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