Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'M WORRIED ... SEPT 1ST, 2013

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I’M WORRIED… Sept 1st, 2013


I’m worried about the time and place and date that I will die,
This is very important and if you stick around, I’ll tell you why,
We don’t have death-with-dignity because it’s been denied,
Like the Supreme Court told Sue Rodriguez on her way to die.

The media moguls and the preachers say everything is great,
So there is no need to bring this sticky subject up for debate,
The appointed senators still have to do what they’ve been told,
No changes accepted and there’s no need to run around being bold.

Therefore there is no need to think about your upcoming death,
And there’s no easy way out as you lie down to take your last breath,
No death-with-dignity despite the probability of great pain,
Their diehard reluctance to change things; I just can’t explain

SEPT 1ST, 2013