Saturday, March 15, 2014

PAULINE ... MAR 15TH, 2014

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PAULINE … MAR 15TH, 2014

She had medically-assisted death as a political plan,
Then Pauline changed her mind and doesn't seem to give a damn,
She called a Quebec election and got her picture on a bus,
She speaks French which I don't know so why the fuss?

And she's going to have an election about some big affair,
With a referendum on separation and they don’t seem to care,
It seems to me, it’s all because they speak French and we don’t,
We would if we could but we can’t so therefore we wont.

This could be serious stuff and it all happened before,
It seems like we’re standing in history and Pauline closed the door,
If Quebec decides to separate; what should or can we do?
Can Stephen Harper fix this because he might be one of the few?

Mar 15th, 2014