Saturday, December 13, 2014

RCN FOREVER ... DEC 13TH, 2014

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RCN FOREVER           DEC 13TH, 2014

Our Navy had tot time every day for hundreds of years,
Very strong old Royal Navy tradition for comrades and peers,
It was an up-spirits culture of two and a half ounces of rum,
If you were there back then, you knew the rules of thumb.

It had to be drank right there on the quarterdeck at noon,
Groups of matlos sitting around in little communes,
I'd like to go back again if only for one more tot time,
But they banned it in the seventies -- not very sublime.

And now they came up with more rules because some sailors got drunk,
They must have been too drunk to even find their own bunks,
I don't think the navy is as much fun now as it used to be,
Is it just what they are writing in the papers or is it just me?

Dec 13th, 2014