Friday, July 25, 2014

WAY TO GO ... JULY 25TH, 2014

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WAY TO GO …    July 25th, 2014
James Bredin

Binding referendums and compulsory voting, would put us there,
But less than half of us vote and not interested in our affairs,
If we had medically assisted death we could avoid dying in pain,
Quebec has it already so they have no great reason to complain.

But we have appointed senators that stay till they're seventy five,
No one knows why they were appointed of if they are still alive,
And we can't get rid of these senators unless they retire or die,
Or maybe cause a scandal and the PM says bye bye.

Recall would be good for all our pompous politicians,
So that we the people don't have to tolerate their stupid ambitions,
But where do we find the man or woman to rewrite our constitution?
Compulsory referendums added to Trudeau’s Charter -- solution.

July 25th, 2014