Monday, August 26, 2013

LET'S DO IT ... AUG 26TH, 2013

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LET'S DO IT … Aug 26th, 2013

If we ask; the Queen will allow us to change the Constitution,
But maybe we don’t need to, for a death-with-dignity solution,
Write the law and pass it in Parliament or the appointed Senate,
Though religious pulpit folk will call this solution a menace.

The  people in Quebec may have DWD soon but not here,
We are too busy in the Pride parade and deleting e-mails out of fear,
The self confidence of some elitists is hard to believe,
As they try to avoid assisted suicide while we grieve.

The pulpit folk say that suicide is a major mortal sin,
We might therefore burn in hell and we can never win,
But they already have it in Switzerland and four US states,
If Quebec gets it; we should too so we need to debate.

AUG 26TH, 2013