Saturday, August 17, 2013

WHO ARE THEY? ... AUG 17TH, 2013

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WHO ARE THEY? … Aug 17th, 2013

They act as if their problems were not our problems, so go away,
And our prime minister who keeps appointing them, wants to stay,
Senators for life or at least until they are seventy five,
Then a nice pension while they are still healthy and alive.

Turns them into Canadian aristocrats and no one knows why,
No one knows what they do to get there other than look up at the sky,
And who are you to question their authority in this great land?
Without referendums or DWD as we follow their band.

If they impose term limits on the Senate; the Supreme Court is in,
They might say yes or no and maybe put the whole affair in another spin,
Will the appointees have to quit before they turn seventy five?
I can only imagine them now as they sit down and connive.

And like their provinial counterparts; could they be abolished?
Could that mean that our present system of government is demolished?
But who knows what the Supreme Court might decide?
Like they said to Sue Rodriguez who then quickly went and died.

But do we have the politicians with the guts to do all this?
Or could it go to the provinces and be dismissed?
Or is  this like death-with-dignity, to be forever delayed?
Where all those with hidden agendas have it made?

AUG 17TH, 2013