Wednesday, October 2, 2013

free countersRIGHT TO DIE … OCT 2ND, 2013

James Bredin

I feel I should have a right to die when and where I want,
And disobey orders from the establishment commandant,
It doesn’t matter to me whether I go to heaven or hell,
What happens in this world is more important as you can tell.

God forbid, I should suffer from an incurable condition,
Some intolerably painful unfavorable position,
Where the doctors’ hands are tied because of our stupid ancient laws,
And I might like to die quickly and painlessly during a pause.

I hear diazepam or chloroquine could let me die on time,
But we can’t buy that stuff because right now it could be a crime,
So we need to change the rules about assisted suicide,
If we could do that, we could turn dying into an easy ride.

OCT 2ND 2013