Thursday, October 30, 2014

WHY CAN'T IT HAPPEN? .... OCT 30TH, 2014

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WHY CAN'T IT HAPPEN?          …   OCT 30TH, 2014

Our politicians have avoided death-with-dignity for years,
For no known reason but maybe it has something to do with their careers,
They are all politically correct and some talk on TV,
But nothing controversial, unsuitable for them or you or me.

Let's face it; Canadian terrorists, if any,  have Charter rights,
No mention of capital punishment -- out of mind, out of sight,
And the appointed Senate can stay until they are all seventy five,
Maybe longer; who knows; so long as these appointees thrive.

If they allowed doctors to give assistance to those sick who want to die,
It would solve a lot of problems but they refuse and won't say why,
They told Sue Rodriguez with Lou Gehrig's disease and she died,
In pain and sorrow and not one judge or politician even cried.

Oct 30th, 2014