Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2077 ... JUNE 4TH, 2014

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2077  … JUNE 4TH, 2014

My grandson will be seventy seven in twenty seventy seven,
I'll be long dead by then and might be in hell or maybe heaven,
Because I'm seventy seven now so I don't have much time left,
Though I can't complain because I'm still pretty much alive and deft.

And if you too are still alive in 2077, please remember this,
You may be extremely lucky and no need for you to reminisce,
Because we don't have medically assisted death in Canada now,
But maybe you will by then if our do-nothing politicians allow.

"He's dead," and "He's dead," is a phrase I say, sometimes quite sad,
While looking at old photographs of the comrades that I once had,
And I'll be there myself soon enough though I hate to think of it,
And there's no medical assisted death now, we all have to admit.

JUNE 4TH, 2014