Sunday, June 1, 2014

A WAR ... JUN 1ST, 2014

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A WAR    … JUN 1ST, 2014

Various religions, battles and wars have dominated our histories,
Even the Communists; though they are still a bit of a mystery.
All their organizations want to show us how and where to go,
They want our attention as well as a large donation of dough.

Thank god, if there is a god, that no religion is now supreme,
While these days we still read and listen to what media moguls scream,
And hope that peace reigns successfully for the rest of our lives,
Hope those exciting wars stay away and we are lucky to survive.

It's amazing though, how many people are in favour of a war,
Many media moguls keep their quick reasons in the top drawer,
Or if there is an ongoing war somewhere, they want us to go,
Though future dead guys on the highway of heroes; we still don't know.

JUN 1ST, 2014