Thursday, January 16, 2014

AN OLD LADY ... JAN 16TH, 2014

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AN OLD LADY   ...JAN 16TH, 2014

I think I saw an old lady today, I knew fifty years ago,
She was much younger then and always had a guy or two in tow,
She didn’t recognize me of course, because I too had changed,
Time and age did it and it was not something that was arranged.

But in those days she wore nylons with straight seams up the back,
On legs that could talk and seemed to give some guys a panic attack,
Then add the latest fashions in clothes and she seemed to float -- not walk,
I was one of the few lucky guys with whom she might talk.

But not for long and then I was gone off on a navy ship,
She was missing when I finally came back from that long sea trip,
Should I go and talk to her to see if she is the same lady?
Too much pride and I’m afraid in case she was that same baby.

JAN 16TH, 2014