Friday, January 31, 2014

WINTER 13 - 14 .... JAN 31ST, 2014

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WINTER 13 - 14  …. JAN 31ST, 2014

The winter of 13-14 is snow white frozen hell,
Where ice-laden branches bent towards the ground and then broke and fell,
Where roads turned to skating rinks and hands and faces froze,
This was not the type of winter weather that anyone choose.

The worst about this white winter, is that it wants to stay and stay,
Even the weatherman on TV says it will not go away,
As the snow ploughs try to clear the streets and snow banks get higher,
There is nothing here that even skiers would like or desire.

And no one knows what to do as everyone looks around,
Tires roar on slippery ice and accidents abound,
Whatever happened to global warming that they talked about?
Could we get some soon or maybe even a drought?

JAN 31ST, 2014